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*Brand Trademark Registration

Turn Your Business into a Franchise!

$600 - $1,500

5 days

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Our service offers comprehensive assistance in registering a trademark for your franchise brand, a crucial step in protecting your brand identity and ensuring legal exclusivity in the marketplace. We begin with a thorough search to ensure that your desired trademark is unique and does not infringe on existing trademarks. Our team of experts then meticulously prepares and files the trademark application, handling all the nuances of the process, including the description of goods and services, and any necessary specimens or proofs of use. We closely monitor the application's progress, liaising with trademark offices and addressing any queries or objections that may arise. Additionally, we provide strategic advice on how to strengthen and utilize your trademark effectively, ensuring it aligns with your overall branding strategy. Our goal is to secure your franchise's brand identity with a registered trademark, giving you the confidence and legal backing to expand and thrive in competitive markets.

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