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*New Franchisor Package

Turn Your Business into a Franchise!


10 - 16 Weeks

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A Franchisor Package, crafted by a franchise developer, is an all-encompassing toolkit designed to transition a business into a franchisor, enabling it to effectively sell franchises. This package includes the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for legal compliance, a detailed Operations Manual for maintaining operational consistency, comprehensive Training Programs for new franchisees, and extensive Marketing and Branding Materials. Additionally, it encompasses Financial and Legal Documentation for effective financial management, Real Estate and Design Guidelines for physical location setups, and Technology Systems for operational efficiency. The franchise developer's role is pivotal in this process, involving consultation on franchising strategy, creation of essential documentation, development of training and marketing plans, financial planning, and setting up support systems for franchisees, ensuring a seamless and successful transition into franchising.

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