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Hospes Group Inc. - Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Hospes Group of businesses. Tim focuses on a couple of initiatives which are TFIT Hospitality Pro where he helps black businesses achieve impeccable customer service by providing the most effective certification training and development courses for their staff.  

Tim has special expertise in working with corporate brands for over 35 years, knowing exactly what their businesses require and he has  developed and trained their key players within the hospitality industry . 


Representing Executives PowerUp, Tim  identifies, analyze and qualify businesses who are ready for scaling through investment, branding and marketing whether it's through franchising or corporate development.


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ROK Consulting - COO

Ryan Knight is serial entrepreneur a social enterprise expert and a champion for black entrepreneurs.   

He is the President and Co-Founder of the Afro-Caribbean Business Network (ACBN), created in 2018.  The ACBN works to unify and educate Black entrepreneurs in its network of more than 3,000 businesses, and in early 2021 began working on a research partnership with the Pilon School of Business to identify the needs of Black entrepreneurs and develop recommendations and resources to help build their business capacity.

A 2013 recipient of the Emerging Entrepreneur Award from the Toronto Board of Trade, Knight was named to the Brampton Board of Trade’s Top 40 Under 40 list in 2017. 


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EPU - Business Analyst

Maria is a dedicated Business Analyst with extensive experience in diverse industries including health and wellness, healthcare, marijuana, hospitality, entertainment, agriculture, transport, finance, construction, education, daycare, cleaning, fashion, real estate, CBD, relocation, and logistics.

She offers services to support startup businesses, small business owners, nonprofit organizations, and established businesses seeking loans/investors grants. Maria's services include analyzing potential markets, identifying potential investors, developing a dynamic marketing plan, and creating a financial plan.

She uses charts, graphs, and pictures to effectively communicate forecasts and provide a comprehensive view of the business. Her professional business plan includes an executive summary, company summary, products and services, complete market analysis, strategy and implementation summary, and management summary.

Her financial plan includes 5-year sales forecasts, 5-year income statement projections, 5-year balance sheet, 5-year cash flow statement, and break-even analysis. With her diverse industry experience, Maria is well equipped to help businesses achieve their goals and succeed.


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Patrick Cole
BA, Comp Sc.

Visionary & Strategist

Founder with over 30 years of business & technology leadership experience.  Patrick has held different technology and management roles in various industries over his career.  He is known for his strategic thinking, marketing saavy, strong business acumen and solutions-oriented approach to challenges.   Patrick is passionate about the continued development of Black Communities and has pivoted his company to helping Black Canada achieve its ambitions sooner.  He has been a principal and partner in two (2) business startups.


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World Financial Group - CIO

Wayne is a highly experienced and skilled individual who has dedicated his life to uplifting Black families and communities across Canada. With three decades of training and development, Wayne has honed his ability to understand people and their situations through emotional and cultural intelligence. He has coached and mentored teens and adults in basketball, afterschool programs, and career paths, with a special passion for connecting with young Black men from single-parent homes.

With a background in Information Technology and 25 years of experience in Cybersecurity technology and solutions, Wayne has also developed young adult programming at various organizations. He holds a Postgraduate Degree in Business Administration from the University of Leicester and several IT Security related certifications. Wayne works in the Financial Services industry today, helping families and businesses optimize their succession planning and estates. He is also a licensed insurance agent and a certified coach with the Certified Coaches Federation.


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